Day 7 (1.20.17): Landersdorfer restaurant with our German friends!

On Saturday night, we went to a restaurant to meet up with our friends, Marcus and his twins along with friends of Marcus, Ralf and Suzy. We arrived at the restaurant at about 7:30. The restaurant was so fancy. We hung up our coats, and a waiter seated us. My family and I happened to be the first ones to arrive.  Ralf and Suzy were next. Finally, Marcus and the other twins, Samuel and Kristoff, arrived. Everyone started talking. I had tried as best I could to talk, mingle, and listen. My parents told me I absolutely had to be good.

A waiter came over and asked us if anyone was allergic to anything. This is a special restaurant because there are no menus. The waiters just come out and serve dishes of food. For us there were several courses.

The food was delicious. The first few courses were just appetizers, and they were not bad. I enjoyed trying new foods there. Some appetizers were bread slices, smoked trout, basil sorbet, tuna sashimi, white fish, Steak tartar. I know the basil sorbet sounds bad, but it is very good. The next few courses were entrees. I had chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I loved it. After that, Cassie and I had our first dessert, while the adults ate more regular food.  Our dessert was crème brulee.  It was my first time trying it, and I loved it.  After that, the adults had veal or pork (I couldn’t tell which, but it was delicious). Finally the desserts for the adults came, and Cassie and I had our second dessert with the adults.  It was cinnamon and chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow fluff and jelly.


P.S.  from Will:  The adults also had wonderful wine from Germany and France.  The food, wine, and most importantly company were all outstanding!

5 thoughts on “Day 7 (1.20.17): Landersdorfer restaurant with our German friends!

  1. You guys! Sounds like so much fun and it sounds like the food has been delicious. I would love for there to be a restaurant HERE where there are no menus – you just go in and they serve you what they have prepared….kind of like eating at home, right? Loving the posts – thanks for keeping us all updated! Miss you all…xxoo

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  2. Cassie and Lydon, Oompa and I just love that you both are so adventurous especially when it comes to food! [which, by the way sounds delicious!] The pictures have been terrific. I guess I hadn’t really thought about how beautiful Germany would be! Keep telling us your great stories Love and miss you, Nani xoxo


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