Day 5 (1.18.17): Snowball Fights, Fossils, and Pharaohs

Our time in Munich is off to a great start!

Monday we started exploring Munich.  We took the bus to the city center, where we tromped around in the snow.  We started at the main city square, the Marienplatz, where Lydie and Cassie did their best to catch snowflakes on their tongues.


I don’t know if the girls noticed, but the architecture was kind of impressive.


From there, we went to a large outdoor market called the Viktualienmarkt.


After walking around in the snow for a while, we stopped for a traditional German lunch at an indoor/outdoor restaurant.It was frigid out, and the seating was basically in a large tent.  But there were blankets and heaters nearby that warmed us up nicely.  Nothing beats the cold in Germany like warm, mulled wine.


Or Orange Fanta, apparently.


Cassie discovered a great love of pretzels, and Lydie was delighted to eat eggs for lunch.  We all enjoyed warming up with potato soup and lentil stew.

After more walking, we stumbled on a wonderful store that sells Bavarian-grade cold-weather gear, where we resupplied some of our troops with new hats and gloves.  (I’ve got my eye on some ninja-friendly long underwear that only leaves your face showing.) We ended with family game night.  Lydie and Cassie ganged up on me and did not play fair.

Tuesday, was a “learning day.”  I started my stint as a visiting scholar at Max Planck.  I have a wonderful desk in the library, and I promise not to write much about what I’m doing there.  Julie and the girls took it easy in the morning, as we are still battling the jet lag.  Around lunch time, I met the girls on their way to a museum.  We had a late lunch at a snooty restaurant that we plan to forget, and then discovered that the museum was closing soon.  The girls went home to unwind with a snowball fight.

Today we had more success.  I met the girls at Marienplatz where we watched the Glockenspiel, which is a giant cuckoo clock with dozens of moving people, including jousting knights on horseback.  Then it was off to Viktualienmarkt again for a quick bite to eat.  The girls made it to the museums this time, including a fossil museum, where Lydie tried to find her way into a German jail for paleontological theft.

The girls also went to a wonderful Egyptian museum.  Naturally.  We come to Germany and go to an Egyptian Museum.  I can’t wait to visit the Bavarian museum in Cairo.

One thought on “Day 5 (1.18.17): Snowball Fights, Fossils, and Pharaohs

  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time! Love the pictures and seeing your lovely faces…and glad you are making your way around the city and have the proper gear now to keep you all from turning into popsicles…the snow looks really pretty – none of that white stuff here, yet! Miss you all!

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