Day 2 (1.15.17): Everyone’s Dream… Sledding

Today this morning, I got up late at 11:00 am (5:00 am in Baltimore).  It was hard to sleep on the plane, so I was very tired.  I had breakfast and watched some television with my sister while my parents unpacked.  While we were unpacking, we noticed that it was snowing outside.  In the afternoon, we got on our snow pants and jackets and went outside to go sledding.  We borrowed a sled from the person who owns the apartment we are staying in.  We went sledding at a park that is just outside of our apartment building.  We first started off going on a small hill because we were nervous about how the sled was going to work.  The sled has brakes and steering and was very safe, so we went to the biggest hill, where there were giant bumps that threw you into the air.  I only fell once.  After sledding, we went home and had pizza for dinner!  Overall it was one of the best days in Germany … so far.  Here is a video of me on the small hill.




2 thoughts on “Day 2 (1.15.17): Everyone’s Dream… Sledding

  1. Cassie, your first day sounds great! I wonder if you were watching a German speaking TV channel??? The video looked like it was filmed in black and white and your bright pink jacket photoshopped in. I double dog dare you to put some German phrases in your next blog! Auf wiedersehen! juda

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  2. Wow – a park across the street from your apartment! How lucky for you guys! I’m sure you are loving the snow, but it will also be fun to see how the seasons change there. Great video too! xxoo

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