Day 1 (1.14.17): Arrival in Munich

Today we arrived in Munich! I went to sleep on the plane at 1 am woke up at 5 am.  My head hurt because I was dehydrated and tired.  I don’t remember much about the plan landing, but we landed in the snow.  It was cool looking at Germany in the snow.  We got our bags, brushed our teeth, and went to meet our friends Isa and Alvero, who picked us up from the airport.  From there, we went to our first German restaurant, where I ate fries and applesauce. Then we went to our new apartment.  All of our many suitcases made it!

— Lydie H.

5 thoughts on “Day 1 (1.14.17): Arrival in Munich

  1. Yay! Great update, Lydie! So happy that you made it safely! And all of you luggage! Hopefully your teeth don’t move too much before your retainer catches up with you!

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  2. So happy to see those smiles! Glad the biggest hurdles are behind you and can’t wait to follow your adventures.
    From Ellie: I miss Cassie and Lydie and hope they made it to Paris.
    Me: They are in Munich. E: is that in Paris? Me: no, it’s in Germany. E: well, is that in Paris?
    Hmmmm….time for a geography lesson!
    Well, enjoy your first few days and the snow!!

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