Days 149-150 (6.11.17-6.12.17): ¡Brexitamos!

Although we had reached the end of our time in the UK, we still had some ground to cover before we could actually leave.   We woke on Sunday in Mousehole, but had to reach a hotel near Gatwick by the end of the day.


We started by packing up our things.  With every phase of this trip, we have less to carry, and we planned to be travelling as light as possible for the next 6 weeks.


It certainly was a lot less luggage than we had when we arrived in Europe.  We enjoyed spending a few final moments in Mousehole.  The girls bought some small pastries and walked through the low-tide harbor while Julie and I soaked up the charm a bit longer.


But it was time to be moving on.  We left Mousehole travelling south towards Land’s End.  We stuck to the smaller roads, and soon found a collection of standing stones that we naturally could not pass up.  By this point, though, the girls had had their fill and decided to stay in the car.  They’d been great sports all throughout the trip, so we didn’t mind.


We drove to Land’s End, which was disappointingly developed into a shopping area for tourists, so we didn’t stop.  We thought we might stop in St. Ives for lunch (and find out about that guy with all the wives), but the crowds in St. Ives were crazy.  We had miles to go to reach Gatwick, so we decided to find something for lunch along the way.  It turned out to be mediocre sandwiches from Sainsbury’s.   When we reached the London orbit, we got snarled in traffic and detours.  Ever polite, the UK was helping us come to terms with our pending departure.  Thanks, guys.  No really.  Thanks.

We reached our hotel, dropped off the rental car, and grabbed a quick bite to eat.  In the morning, we set off for the airport.  Shuttle?  Taxi?  Heck no.  Team Hubbard walked to the airport.  #MeanestParentsAround


Fun fact:  We’ve been in Europe since January 14, and we still haven’t taken a taxi.  Fleet of foot, we reached the airport in no time, leaving us a few moments to reflect on our time in the UK and mentally to prepare ourselves for the next phase of our adventure.  (Oh, and we finally found Waldo.  He’s aged well during his time in hiding.)


We boarded our plane, and headed south!


I enjoyed watching Europe through the window.  We few over the Isle of Wight and Guernsey.  As I looked down on France, I looked down on France.  Soon, we were out over the Atlantic on our way to the Canary Islands off the coast of southern Morocco.  We arrived without any trouble and headed outside.


Now that we were much closer to the equator, we could feel the power of the sun.  The girls quickly shed their wellies, and I quickly began to sweat.  The next chapter of our trip had started, and we were thrilled.



2 thoughts on “Days 149-150 (6.11.17-6.12.17): ¡Brexitamos!

  1. ….And we were thrilled about this chapter which we had the privilege to share with you! Now it seems to be so far away but it will never fade…. I am finally catching up with the blog so my comments will slowly appear….


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