Day 8 (1.21.17): Castles, Munchkins, Trains! Oh my!

Today was the craziest day of our adventure so far!

We started by waking up and planning our day after breakfast. We decided to go up into the Alps to see a castle called Neuschwanstein. (Noi-shvan-steen). It took an hour and a half to drive there, but it was worth it because it was beautiful in the Alps.


After we parked, we walked about 40 min to get to the castle. There were beautiful view from all sides.

Since our mom was there, we had to take pictures. A lot of pictures.

The castle was gorgeous.

Then, we tried these munchkin-like deserts while walking down from the castle. After we finish our munchkins we put on snow pants and went to play in the snow.

By then it was four so we decided it was time to go home plus my dad’s toes were freezing.

Then we had car trouble… Our car needed a specific type of gasoline called diesel, but my mom accidentally used regular gasoline that was non-diesel. That meant we couldn’t drive our car back to München.  We were still at the gas station, and they towed our car to a town nearby called Füssen.  We also rode in the tow truck.

From there we got pizza at a nice restaurant and caught a train to a town nearby, where we got on a second train to München. This train was very fancy, and we got our own little room with chairs that pull out, a light switch, and a temperature nob.

Finally after an hour on one train and an hour on another, we got to München, where we took the subway then took the bus home.

So in total, we took a car, a tow truck (I can cross that off my bucket list), 2 trains, a subway, and a bus all in one day. Wow, wish the Hubbard’s good luck as they continuously break more and more of Germany despite what our blog says…

P.S.  To make my mom’s day even more special, when we were almost home, a bird pooped on her.

I thought I was lucky it didn’t happen to me.  I think it made my mom mad, but my dad made her laugh about it.


8 thoughts on “Day 8 (1.21.17): Castles, Munchkins, Trains! Oh my!

  1. Hilarious update, Cassie! Love the castle pictures – very majestic…I wonder how old that castle is? And when one door closes (the wrong gas in the car) another one opens (tow truck bucket list adventure). Looks like you are all staying busy and that snow will be there until June! Love you guys and miss you – xxoo


  2. Oh my gosh! I hope this is your craziest day of all! If it was a movie, it would be a comedy for sure! Glad you finally made it “home” safely!


  3. We are loving reading about your adventures! Liam wants to know how big the dungeon in the castle was. Love to you all!


  4. If John Candy were still alive, he would buy the rights to your day, play the dad and would make millions. Bird poop on mom…talk about classic slapstick!


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