Day 184 (7.16.17): The Spanish Armada on the Chiemsee

Today we decided to explore the Chiemsee, a large lake about 45 minutes from Ruhpolding.


Julie was feeling sick and decided to lay low for the day, so Lydie, Cassie, and I headed off for the day with our Spanish friends.  Our plan to was to try to rent boats of some sort so that we could get out onto the lake.  It was a gorgeous summer day, so we all took bathing suits, too.  We parked near a small marina, and sized up the boating options.  Fortunately, there was a canoe (of sorts) big enough to hold all 12 of us.  We piled in, and started rowing.


Our initial goal was to row to one of the three islands in the lake.  The largest island is Herreninsel, which roughly translates as “Gentlemen’s Island.”  Next is Fraueninsel or “Ladies’ Island.”  We thought we’d start with a visit to the smallest island, Krautinsel or “Cabbage Island,” so named becuase of farming on the island in the middle ages.  Krautinsel is also the only island that is unihabited, so it looked like a nice place to pull up the boat and have a swim.  The water was a little on the cold side, but we all took a plunge.


After cavorting in the water for a while, we were all starting to get hungry.  We hopped back in the boat and rowed to Fraueninsel, where there are a number of restaurants and hotels.   We tied up our boat at a small marina, and hoped it would be there when we got back.  The island was lovely, an unusual mix of lakeside summer and traditional Bavaria.


We soon found a nice restaurant with outdoor seating.


After lunch, the kids found a playground, where they had fun digging.


Once everyone’s stomachs had settled a bit, we headed back to our boat, which fortunately was still where we had left it.  Dodging the ferries to the larger islands, we rowed back toward Cabbage Island for a little more swimming.  We soon found a nice sandy spot with a swing and views of the alps.


Lydie and Cassie had fun swimming with their friend Catalina in the fresh water lake.


The last time the three of them had swum together was thousands of miles away in the Canary Islands.  It was another reminder of the ground that we have covered in our trip.

Some of our Spanish friends needed to get back to Munich, so we decided to head back to shore.  It was a wonderful day on the Bavarian Sea!




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