Days 183 (7.15.17): A Bavarian Brew-haha

Today we drove from Munich to the small town of Ruhpolding, nestled in the Bavarian alps.   to.Rupholding

We brought what you usually take with you for a Bavarian get away.  No, not lederhosen.  Spaniards.

  • Me:  We brought Spaniards.  Nine of them.
  • Bavaria:  Nine?  Nine?  Nein!
  • Me:  Seriously. Nine.

Team Nueve consisted of our Spanish friends from Tenerife (Teresa, Diego, Catalina, and Guillermo) and our Spanish friends from Munich (Isa, Alvero, Pablo, Isabel, and Juan).  Once we settled into our hotel, we set out to explore the town a bit.  Fortunately for us, the local fire station was hosting its annual fundraiser, which involved an oompah band, sausages, and beer.  (Indeed, the music holders the band used all seemed to have drink holders as well.)  There were some activities for the kids, but the food, beer, and band were clearly the main attractions.  The kids had a great time dancing to the polka tunes.


I’m not sure how the fire station actually raised money given the prices, but we did our best to help by buying waaaay too much to eat.  There were tables set up where people could eat, and we ended up sitting at one inside the fire station for some of the time.


In an effort to help the fire station, we selflessly drank some beer, too.  You’re welcome, Germany.


We all had a great time, and stayed at the celebration well into the evening, eating lots of sausage and drinking about a tenth of the amount of beer that the locals did.  But the kids were getting tired, particularly the little ones.  So we walked back to our hotel, dropped off the kids, and the Munich Spaniards.  Teresa, Diego, Julie, and I decided that the fire station’s fund raiser was too important for us to simply go to sleep, so back we headed.  In our absence, the band had somehow transformed into an 80s cover band, though they still sported their lederhosen.


It was a great time.  The crowd loved the band, eventually climbing up onto the tables.  In another triumph of German engineering, one group put a table on top of a table so that they could stand up but still have a place to put their drinks.

And then there was this guy.  Not content with an air guitar, he picked up one of the benches in the back and started playing.


The party showed no signs of abating, but it was time for us to head home.  It was a surreal and delightful night.



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