Day 141 (6.3.17): Leaving Woodstock

Today was our last day in Woodstock.  We’ve spent the past few days organizing our belongings and packing.  We shipped about half of our possessions back to the United States, so that we are travelling light from here on out.  Each of us has only a carry-on suitcase and a backpack or shoulder bag.  At least in theory, we won’t need to check luggage during the last month and a half of our time in Europe.

Leaving our cottage at 8 Brown’s Lane was bittersweet.


We have been extremely happy here, and Lydie and Cassie both said that they want to return with their own children.


We decided to spend our last day at Blenheim visiting some of our favorite places.  It was a beautiful day, and Cassie started by catching a Blenheim fairy.


Lydie caught one, too, but decided to let it go.


Naturally, we had to run through the maze a few more times.


And there were some trees that needed a little more climbing.


But eventually, it was time to move on.  Our plan was to spend our last week in the U.K. in Devon and Cornwall, so we drove part of the way south before stopping at the Brent Knoll Inn for the night.


Fortunately, the Inn was showing the Champions League Final.

img_4030As expected, Real Madrid beat Juventus.  We ended the night a little down to have left Woodstock but excited about the adventures to come.


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