Day 137 (5.30.17): Harry Potter, Faraday’s Museum, and Star Wars

For the last day of our Spanish friends’ visit to the U.K., we decided to visit London to see a variety of sites, particularly some places closely connected with the Harry Potter stories.  We started at Borough Market, where we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called “El Pastor.”

img_1457After lunch, we walked through the market and the kids got ice cream.

img_3981From Borough Market, we walked across the London Bridge, winding our way through small streets to reach Leadonhall market, which allegedly was part of the inspiration for Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter books.


Our next stop was the Faraday Museum at the Royal Institute.  The kids did their best to keep themselves entertained along the way, of course.


Teresa and Deigo are both great scientists, and it was a treat to visit a scientific museum with them.  The exhibits included Faraday’s magnetic laboratory displayed as it was in the 1850s.  The kids also enjoyed playing an elements game in which you had to identify the ten elements discovered by scientists at the Royal Institute during a song that mentioned all of the elements.  Some people liked to dance while they played…

After the museum, we walked to Hamley’s, which claims to be the largest toy store in the world.  The store did have some impressive Lego displays!


The kids also had fun playing with the Star Wars displays, though I’m not so sure whose side Guille was on.


We thought about buying a special Star Wars toy, but it was waaaay too big to bring home.


From Hamley’s we took the Tube to King’s Cross train station.  In the Harry Potter books, the train to Hogwarts leaves from the magically hidden Platform 9 3/4, which students reached by running through a wall with their magical belongings.   King’s Cross now has a Platform 9 3/4 and has become a major destination for young Harry Potter fans, including our chickadees.


Even slightly older Harry Potter fans are drawn to the fictional platform 9 3/4…


We had dinner at the train station before taking the subway back to our cars on the outskirts of London.


The kids were nearly exhausted, but still in great spirits!


P.S.  A few days after we visited London, there was a terrorist attack in some of the same places that we visited.  Terrorists drove a van down the same part of London Bridge where we walked and then stormed their way into Borough Market, attacking people with knives.  One of the terrorists entered El Pastor (where we ate lunch) and stabbed a woman there before being repelled by patrons and employees of the restaurant.

One thought on “Day 137 (5.30.17): Harry Potter, Faraday’s Museum, and Star Wars

  1. Hearing of the terrorist attacks happening over there makes us over here worry about you guys! So glad you are all well and OK – the education that Cassie and Lydie are receiving is utterly priceless. Praying for a peaceful rest of the summer there and everywhere….


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