Day 107 (4.30.17): Joust a Minute at Blenheim

This afternoon we walked over to Blenheim Palace to watch some jousting.  We were not entirely sure why there was jousting today, but you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when it’s running at you with a fully armored man on its back with a lance pointed in your direction.

The jousting was full contact.


Here’s a close up from the same photo of these two modern-day knights trying to pummel each other.

IMG_3747 (2)

On this pass, the knights only made glacing blows.  On the next pass, there was full contact — to the head no less.


Here’s part of this photo enlarged.

IMG_3748 (2)

The crowd was also divided into a blue side and a red side, so that we would know which knights to cheer for.  We were the red side, which was totally better than those blue losers.

The knights also fought with swords and staves, which was also exciting to watch.  The knights also had squires, one of which got into a bit of trouble and had to sit on the fence in the middle of the field (called a “tilt”), and get pummeled by the knights.


As you can see in this close-up, the lance not only hit him but hit him hard enough for the lance to begin breaking!

IMG_3745 (2)

It was another wonderful afternoon at Blenheim!


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