Day 106 (4.29.17): A Wicked Good Time in London

Today has been a long time in the making.  Two months ago, back when we were in Germany, we bought tickets to go to see the musical Wicked at the Apollo Theater in London (short trailer here if you’re not familiar with it).  Today was the day that we would finally go see the show!

Really, we had been waiting to go see the show since Christmas.  I was desperate for a good present for Julie, and I knew that she has been dying to see Wicked for years.  So, I gave her tickets for the whole family to go to the show as a present.

But the build up for the show in some ways goes even further back — 30 years in fact.  You see, in 1987 I lived in England with my parents and brother for 6 months.  During that time my dad’s brother — Uncle Bob — gave us tickets to go see a show in London.  We saw Starlight Express (awesome 1980s trailer here), which was also at the Apollo Theater.  (It was a musical on roller skates.  As a kid who thought Xanadu was high art, it was like Starlight Express was made just for me.)  Not too long ago, Uncle Bob passed away, leaving a small amount of money to his family, some of which found its way to me.  So for Christmas last year, Uncle Bob got us tickets (though I did the paperwork).

Months or decades in the making, we headed to London early to enjoy the city a bit.  (We stayed up late the night before watching the Wizard of Oz in preparation, so we didn’t get moving quite as soon as we had hoped.)  We started at the northwest corner of Hyde Park, where there is a playground dedicated to Princess Diana.  After Lydie and Cassie explored a bit, we decided to rent bicycles.  We were miles from the theater and had some ground to cover!

img_3718 It was a beautiful day to bike through the park.  Before long, we reached the Wellington Arch at the southeast end of the park.


Our journey next took us by Buckingham Palace.  Once more, the Queen did not invite us in for tea.


We now were faced with the final leg of our biking excursion through the city streets of London.  It was nothing short of insane.

Shockingly, we managed to get to the theater with no mishaps, and picked up our tickets.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby pub, and then headed back to the theater anxious for the show to start.


The show was brilliant.  There really isn’t a way to put it into words.  I asked the girls to give me three words to summarize what they thought of the show, and this is what they said:

Cassie:  “Blew me away!”

Lydie:  “In. De. Scribable.”

Julie:  “I was spellbound!”

After the show, the girls waited at the stage door to meet the actors including the actress that played Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.


The girls also met the actress who played Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.


All three of my girls were ecstatic!  Months and years in the making, the day exceeded all of our expectations!


P.S.  On our way home through the Tube, we had a chance to snap a photo of Lydon Victoria Hubbard in the London Victoria subway station.  Still jazzed from the show, Cassie added some pizzazz.  


One thought on “Day 106 (4.29.17): A Wicked Good Time in London

  1. We are so happy and excited for all of you. What an incredible journey!Thanks to Uncle Bob for his kindness and generosity. Thanks to Will for being a great husband, dad and planner! Thanks to Julie for organizing,executing and spreading joy in whatever spot is home for the moment, as well as throughout Europe! And thanks to Cassie and Lydon for being the adventurous, fun loving free spirits who make it all worth doing! ( and reading about!) Love, Sharon and Ernie


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