Day 41 (2.23.17) (Part 2): A “Springtime” Hike

After our visit to the salt mine, we decided to take a hike in the mountains.  Was it a pretty drive?  Oh yes!  It was a very pretty drive up there.


It was very interesting to see all the ice melt into small waterfalls on the side of the mountains.  There were also a couple of tunnels to go under.


Once we got to the trail, we discovered that the hike we wanted to do was closed.  There are gorges you can walk along, but the one we wanted to see was closed.  Eventually, we went “trailblazing” in the woods.  We found the path after a while, and realized it led to another part of the same gorge.  This time, the path was open.


You could say the trail was hard to hike on.  Really, it was still winter in the mountains.  But as we say, there are no mistakes in traveling, just new experiences.  img_7711-1

Oh, yeah, and it was slippery.

There were ridiculous warning signs.  Nobody would ever do that!  Unless they saw the sign.


One sign said to watch out for falling branches, but my dad said we found the first of the dancing reindeer people.


We saw many waterfalls, and they were so beautiful.


The paths were quite slippery, though, so Lydie and I did some fun ice skiing.  Aaaand it was a little dangerous, particularly near the edge of the cliff.

Even though it was still snowy, you could see signs that spring was not far away.



2 thoughts on “Day 41 (2.23.17) (Part 2): A “Springtime” Hike

  1. Great post, Cassie. I see you are even wearing t-shirts! Ask your dad if he was leading you on a walking snow safari? He can be quite the Pied Piper. Love, Juda


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