Day 41 (2.23.17) (Part 1): Hi ho! Hi ho!

On Thursday we decided to take a field trip to a salt mine and then take a spring hike, in Berchtesgaden.  Again as you can see below, it took 2 hrs to get there.berchtesgaden

Our first activity was to go to the salt mine. The mine is over 500 years old, and it’s  still in operation! We also learned that the salt we have in Munich is from the same mine we just visited!


We were really excited to go in the mins. When we first saw the tunnel we thought it was going to be a rollercoaster ride.


People got into the mine by riding a small train into tunnels. It was very cool.


We had to wear coveralls into the salt mines. My dad thought they were awesome.img_2893-1

Then, we got onto the train.  We were all very excited!


The ride was very fun, just like a rollercoaster, but thankfully not as fast.


It was very dark underground. We saw salt crystals growing all along the walls.


We felt like we were dwarfs from Snow White, at least if the dwarves went to an occasional rave.


To get to lower levels we had to take a slide down.  That was how the miners traveled in the mine long ago.


It was fun and exciting to go on an underground slide.  The camera was on flash mode, so you can’t tell how dark it was when we were sliding. Everyone’s feet were up so we couldn’t interfere with the slide.

The salt on the walls looked like wavy lines.


There were some chambers underground that were big with cool lights.


When the rest of the tour left, we danced. Cassie had a little more practice being crazy at dancing.

Next we went to a cavern big cavern.  You couldn’t tell what you were looking at first.  It was the reflection off the ceiling.  It was a little confusing.


There was a reflection, it was not clear that we were looking at the water.

As you can see below Cassie was surprised to find out there was water.


Next we took a boat ride across. Lights started to flash showing us a light show. It reminded us of crystals and gems in a cave. On the other side of the underground lake, we tasted salty water. The water is pumped into the mine and dissolves the salt.  Then the salt water is pumped to a refining station. Even though the water has been pumped it was still extremely salty.

Then we got onto another train to leave. The overall experience was great!



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