Day 32 (2.14.17): Zum Valentinstag

We are loving Munich, so for Valentine’s Day we decided to celebrate by going to what might be the most famous bierhaus in the world:  Hofbräuhaus!


For dinner, we ordered huge, wonderful pretzels.  They are soft inside with a delicious crispy crust.


Huge, right?  But not so big that one was enough.


I tried to order us a plate of different sausages, but we ended up with a basket of bread to follow our already bready pretzel experience.  #Idontsprechengut.  But there are no mistakes in traveling, just new experiences.  That must have been why we “accidentally” ordered such large beers.


We did eventually get our sausages, which were delicious with our bread I might add.

Our friend Marissa back in the states has her birthday on Valentine’s Day, so we tried to wish her happy birthday in German.  More sprechen problems.  And Lydie had a little trouble with her water.

Afterwards, Lydie and Cassie had a great time dancing to the German band.  They picked up the local dances almost immediately.  Here’s Lydie’s filming of Cassie:

Another great night in Munich!


2 thoughts on “Day 32 (2.14.17): Zum Valentinstag

  1. A mention on the blog!!!! LOL I loved my message and love those huge beer glasses – or (watch out, here comes my German)…steins. Right? Do they even make glasses that big here? I bet they were heavy. Until they were empty. And they probably went great with your ALL Carb meal! Everything looks great though and we still miss you guys!


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