Day 29 (2.11.17): Nymphenburg Palace with Nuestros Amigos

Team Hubbard was a little road weary this weekend, so we decided to stay a little closer to home.  We teamed up with our Spanish friends, Isa and Alvero, and their three adorable children Pablo (the oldest at 4), Isabel (2), and Juan (who is Juan but not yet one).

We met up at the Nymphenburg Palace, which is in Munich.  The Palace was originally constructed in the 1600s with some additions from time to time in the following century or so.  We didn’t go in the palace itself because it was a (relatively) warm day, and we thought the kids would have more fun exploring the gardens and grounds.  Of course it did not take long for the kids to start climbing trees.  Here’s Lydie and Cassie with future teen heartthrob Pablo.


The kids had fun running around, while the grown ups chatted as grownups do.


The grounds were gorgeous, with lots of little bridges over ponds and canals.


Seriously.  Those royal types had some nice paths and shrubberies.


All that walking around made us hungry, so we went to a wonderful Italian restaurant nearby, where the Spanish kids continued to be terribly cute.


Using my incredible training as an international spy, I spoke four languages during lunch, including English, German, Spanish, and Italian.  Of course, I didn’t manage to use them with the right people.  I think I said “thank you” to Isa, “danke” to Julie, “gracias” to the waiter, and “grazie” to a very large pepper grinder.  Juan didn’t judge me.  I think he thought that guys with similar haircuts need to stick together.


After lunch, the kids needed to burn off some energy, so we headed back outside.  Lydie and Cassie helped watch out for their younger Spanish friends.


We headed across the street to a park, where the kids cavorted.


It was another great day in Munich!




One thought on “Day 29 (2.11.17): Nymphenburg Palace with Nuestros Amigos

  1. LOVE all of this! Glad you guys are having a great time – sorry I’m behind on my reading. Looks like you are taking advantage of every experience and that is wonderful! We miss you all though and are sending love from Baltimore!


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