Day 15 (1.28.17): Engelburg and Mount Titlis (Part Zwei)

When finished our last post, we were on top of Mt. Titlis enjoying the amazing scenery on a glorious day in the Swiss Alps.  (If you missed Part One of Day 15, take a look here.)


From the top of the mountain we could also enter an ice cave that led into the heart of the glacier, so that we were walking 65 feet under the snow where we had been walking just a few minutes before.  The floor was (of course) made of ice, so that it was slippery.  There were some railings that you could use to keep yourself from sliding, but who wants to do that?  Lydie and Cassie had a ball sliding on their bellies.


The railings might have been there to keep you from exploring too much.  But probably not.  So, Lydie and Cassie had a great time finding all of the nooks and crannies in the ice cave.

They even found a small circular room where they could hide from their parents.


We eventually found them.  And had to join them, of course.  Getting in wasn’t so easy…


But it was very cool once you were inside!


From the cave we headed back down the mountain, but stopped before reaching the bottom so that we could check out the sledding!  We started on the big tubes, which were super fun.

Some of us seemed to do more riding than others…


There were to other kinds of sleds, so we thought we’d try them out, too.  The purple ones looked like fun, but when we rode them we all got a bunch of snow in our faces.  Lydie gave up trying to hold on for a while.


Snow.  Straight. In. The. Face.


We had no choice but to try the third type of sleds, even though they looked a little bit like orange toilet seats with handles.


It turns out they were the best toilet seat sleds ever!

We all had fun on these weird, orange sleds.

After sledding, we frolicked in the snow for a while.


Then it was time to head off to the “igloo” hotel.


It was an entire hotel made of snow.  The hallways were decorated with giant carvings.  (It didn’t seem to make a lot of sense that they were all carvings of things under water, but it was already a hotel made of snow so clearly “sense” wasn’t really their thing.)


Poseidon made an appearance, too.


Bedrooms looked cozy.  Except for the part where they were made of snow.  Snow!


Still, it was really neat to see the snowtel.  It even had public restrooms made of (you guessed it) snow.  Lydie, Cassie, and I tried them out.  But we didn’t take any pictures thankfully.

It was a wonderful day on Mount Titlis, and we left feeling tired, hungry, and happy.


P.S.  Cassie and Lydie are asleep right now (or at least are supposed to be), and they may have some editorial comments to make in the morning.

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