Day 15 (1.28.17): Engelburg and Mount Titlis (Part 1)

Last Saturday, we traveled from Lucerne into the heart of the Swiss Alps to visit the town of Engelburg, where we planned to spend the day exploring Mount Titlis and its glacier.  (At no point did we snicker about the name of the mountain.  Seriously.  We are veteran travelers who are above things like that.)

To make sure we had plenty of time in the mountains, we got up early.  Lydie and Cassie jumped out of bed, thrilled to be off on our adventure!


We were a little bit worried that we brought too many layers for our day on Mount Titlis, but when we got to Engelberg, it was very cold and we put on everything we owned.


We started our journey up the mountain with two rides on six-person gondolas.


The scenery on the ride was amazing.


Then we boarded a much larger gondola with a couple of dozen new friends for the ride to the summit, which was just over 10,000 feet.


We got out at the summit and had a quick lunch of bread, cheese, salami, and Swiss chocolate.  Naturally, I cut it all with my Swiss Army Knife.  (It was happy to be home.)


Then we started to explore the summit, where the scenery continued to amaze (the grown ups).


It was, however, a little bright, so the kids put on their goggles.


Next we went to a swinging suspension bridge that stretched out over a spectacular ravine, ’cause it wasn’t intense enough already.


Walking along a swinging bridge while you either look through the metal grate that formed the floor or out over the peaks and glacier was what we call “nervouciting.”  Here’s Lydie walking on the bridge.

And the scenery was incredible!  (Have I mentioned the scenery?)

And because we hadn’t had enough, um, scenery we went on a chairlift near the top to another part of the mountain and back.


DID I MENTION THE SCENERY?!  (Lydie and Cassie were seriously getting tired of us talking about the scenery.  Kids, amiright?)


We’ll post Part 2 of Day 15 soon.

P.S. Cassie says that kids are not that boring and that adults are just want pictures for scrapbooks they can look at when they are 112.

P.P.S.  Lydie says that we were not bored with the scenery.  My dad just made that up because he is jealous of our youth and makes rude comments sometimes.  The scenery was quite beautiful, although the suspension bridge scared me out of my wits.

6 thoughts on “Day 15 (1.28.17): Engelburg and Mount Titlis (Part 1)

  1. You guys failed to mention the scenery….it’s beautiful! LOL And let me not fail to mention that WE MISS YOU!!!!! Looks like you are having the best time – and there is still photo evidence that nobody has killed anybody, so cheers to that! Keep the posts coming – we love them!

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