Day 186 & 187 (7.19-20.17): Surfing in Munich

Our time in Europe is nearly done.  We spent our last full days in Munich tying up loose ends.  We rented bikes to check out the Englischer Garten, a large park in the heart of Munich.


Small canals run through the park from the nearby Isar River, and the flow through one of the larger waterways creates a large enough wave for surfing.


Bizarre.  Surfing in Munich.  After watching the locals “hang zhen” for a while, we visited the Restaurant und Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm, a large Chinese-inspired pagoda that serves great beer and Bavarian grub.  It was fun to be able to enjoy the outdoor side of Munich, given that it had been the tail-end of winter when we left.  We wish we could have stayed longer, but rain was fast approaching.  We hopped on our bikes and headed out.  Despite the rain, however, the kids got yet another ice cream.


The rest of our time in Munich was spent visiting friends and packing, packing, packing.

We also had dinner with our friends Marcus, Samuel, and Christoph Grosch.  The boys, Samuel and Christoph, would be coming to live with us for an entire school year in the United States starting in August.  We may be leaving Europe, but a little bit of Europe would be meeting us at home!

Soon, the dinners were eaten, the bags were packed, and the goodbyes said.  There’s nothing left to do now but leave.


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