Day 172 (7.4.17): A Final Day of Hidden Coves

Today was our last full day in the Greek Islands, and though we wanted to make the most of it, we woke a little late and had to hurry to breakfast before it ended.  (The air conditioning was finally fixed in our room, making it all too comfortable.)  It was another windy day, so we decided to look for a well-sheltered beach.  We had pretty well explored the sheltered beaches on Koufonissi Pano, so we decided to head back to Koufonissi Kato.  From looking at our map, it looked like there was nicely protected beach called “Laki” near the small marina that provides access to a tiny restaurant and a church.  (The island has no permanent settlements, but I guess food, booze, and religion are critical services even if you’re just passing through.)


We loaded up our gear, slathered on the sunscreen, and headed down to the marina on Koufonissi Pano.


While we waited for the boat we enjoyed the views back across the turquoise harbor toward the quiet, whitewashed town.  This island is a wonderful little gem, tranquil and beautiful.


The boat soon arrived, and we were off.  After another pleasant ride, we soon reached the rough-stone marina and set off walking to Laki Beach.


It’s a little hard to see in the map at the top of this post.  This close-up photo shows the beach, the marina, and the area in a little more detail.


After about 15 minutes, we reached the beach, which, as we hoped, was well protected from the wind.  The girls and I thought we would start with some snorkeling, and paused to map out our plan of attack.

IMG_3871 (2)

Less than thrilled but ever the good sport, Julie agreed to snorkel, too.  We decided to start by swimming out the rocky point in the picture above, so that we could get a better look at a natural “window” worn through the rocks.  With the wind, the water was a little cooler, so the kids and I wore our wetsuit shirts, which we referred to as our superhero outfits.   (Julie didn’t have a superhero outfit.  She’s always in superhero mode.)


As with our previous trips, we saw lots of fish and sea urchins.  The girls enjoyed swimming down to check out shells on the ocean floor.  After a week of snorkeling, they were extremely confident in the water, raising their mother’s heartbeat a bit.


We decided to head back to the beach for snacks and to warm up a bit.  The water was cool, but the sun was still strong.  The three girls napped a bit in the shade, too.

IMG_3881 (3)

We decided to catch an earlier boat back to Koufonissi Pano.  Near the tavern, there was a fellow selling rings, and the girls each picked one out.  When we got to the marina, however, we realized the we had misread the schedule, and that we had another hour to kill.  On our way to the island, we had spotted a small cove a short distance north of the marina, and we decided to see if we could find it.  Passing the small church, we found a rocky path along the coast and set off.


We soon reached the circular cove.  The rocky walls were steep, but some nice soul had made a rough wooden ladder that we could use to climb down.


Once down in the cove we went our separate ways.  I went snorkeling…


…Lydie read, while Cassie enjoyed scrambling on the rocks…

IMG_3927 (2)

and Julie took pictures.   I took advantage of being on my own to swim into some deeper waters, and was delighted to find a large (and very much occupied) shell.

IMG_3953 (Edited)

It was time to start heading back to the marina for the boat.  I returned the shell to where I’d found it, and we climbed out of the cove.  Once back at the marina, the girls and I scrambled around on the rocks while we waited for the boat.  Along the way, Cassie found a “ring” made of rock.


Behind the girls, you can see some rocks with holes worn through them.  We waded out to them to get a closer look.

IMG_3989 (2)

The rocks were cool, and the magic ring Cassie found made her a bit loopy.  Or maybe she started that way.  We were running out of time and had to hustle to get back to the marina in time for the boat.  (Just before the boat arrived, Cassie’s hat blew off her head, and I had to jump in the water to get it.)  Once back to Koufonissi Pano, we went to the pool, the girls enjoying a swim while Julie and I enjoyed beers.  For dinner we found another small restaurant with outdoor seating and views of the water.  Here, you can see us diving into some feta cheese in a Greek salad.

Lydie adventurously ordered a local fish dish, and it was amazing.  All of our spirits we


re high, making us a little silly.


Our last full day in the Greek Islands was perfect (though I don’t think the guy in the background above would agree).






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