Day 166 (6.28.17): Adios Spain. Yassoo Greece!

Today we left Tenerife, bound for Greece!  We started with a 7:20 a.m. flight from Tenerife to Madrid, where we got a bite to eat, before boarding an Aegean Airlines flight to Athens.

The girls were tired from the early start but excited to get their first glimpse of the Mediterranean from the air.


Julie and I were happy that the girls have become such savvy travelers that the adults can sit together for some flights and have admittedly boring adult conversations.  As we got closer to Athens, Greek islands started dotting the water, though these were not the islands we would be visiting.


We soon landed and were all excited to be starting our Greek adventure.  (The chicklets might have been a little loopy from the long trip.)


We gathered our luggage (which we were excited to see had made it to Greece), and caught a taxi.  Julie and I consider it a bit of a travelling victory that we have been in Europe since January 14, and this was our first taxi.  We’ve been adamant about taking public transportation when available, and have also been lucky to have friends in many places to show us around.  We grilled our taxi driver on Greek phrases, and he was happy to try to teach us.  We learned that we could say, “Yassoo” in just about every situation, whether for “hello,” “goodbye,” or “pardon me, but I seem to have run out of feta.”  We were also excited to see Greek writing everywhere we looked (though I did feel like I was in some weird combination of fraternity row and a math final).

Our first stop in the taxi was the port of Rafina, which is one of the ports that serves Athens but is further away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.  At the port, I picked up our tickets for the ferry we would be taking in the morning, while Julie and the girls waited in the taxi.

to hotel

Tickets in hand, we were off to our hotel in nearby Marathon.  Yep, the Marathon of running fame.  After briefly settling into our hotel, the girls wasted no time in getting on their bathing suits and jumping into the Mediterranean.


There were quite a few sea urchins, but the chickadees managed to avoid stepping on any.  I was glad that we didn’t have to learn Greek for “emergency room.”  After quick showers, we walked to a nearby pizza place and enjoyed what would be the first of many outdoor meals in Greece.  Julie and I were also pleasantly surprised at how well Greek beer goes with Greek weather.


We knew the next morning would be another very early start.  We headed home, and despite our excitement at being in a new country, we quickly went to sleep.


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