Day 128 (5.21.17): A Noteworthy Country Walk

One of the activities that we have enjoyed immensely in our time in the UK is throwing on our wellies and going for a walk in the country.  The Cotswalds are riddled with public paths that wind along fields and streams.  This walk started in nearby Eynsham.

country walk.JPG

It was a beautiful day, and this path took us through fields filled with sheep, fields planted with crops, and fields left fallow.  We hopped the gate below to check out a massive field filled with wild flowers.


It was worth the side trip!



The path followed the Thames River down to a lock that canal boats used to bypass some small rapids.  We crossed the river and followed it back to Eynsham.

It wasn’t a blockbuster day, but it was wonderful in its simplicity.



2 thoughts on “Day 128 (5.21.17): A Noteworthy Country Walk

  1. Looks like another beautiful adventure! Happy Father’s Day, Will, wherever you are this day….hope you guys are having another fantastic day across the pond! xxoo- Marissa, Chris, Ellie and Jack


  2. Oh the footpaths in the Cotswolds!! Simply beautiful. Love getting to see more of your adventures. Much love from the Burnett’s. Sarah


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