Days 93 (4.16.17): Easter in Woodstock

Today was a relatively quiet day for us.  Rather than traveling somewhere, we decided to spend Easter in Woodstock.  We started the morning at the small Church of England church up the road.  It’s a charming stone chapel that is centuries old, of course.  The Easter service was lovely and included the christening of a very cute English baby.  Afterwards, the girls joined an Easter egg hunt behind the church.  The weather had taken a turn, and the girls were a bit cold.  But in the hopes of finding free candy in a graveyard, they persevered!


After changing clothes, we went to Blenheim, where there was a small country fair set up for the holiday weekend.  Since we hadn’t been able to ride the London Eye, we let the girls ride the Blenheim Eye.  You could see for yards and yards!


The palace was also sponsoring an Easter egg hunt of sorts.  An undisclosed number of large eggs had been placed throughout the grounds, including a special golden egg.  It was a great excuse to explore the palace grounds a bit more than we had already.  Along the way, we found more bluebells!


We also found some massive trees.


We scoured the grounds searching for the eggs, finding a total of 12, including a large yellowish one that might have counted for golden.  We reported our findings to the Egg Hunt Officials.  Good news!  We found all the eggs.  Even better news!  Everyone got a chocolate bunny for their efforts, adults included.  Cassie and Lydie each took one from a parent, doubling their haul.

It was  a delightful Easter!


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