Day 86 (4.9.17): Reinforcements!

Today was a long-anticipated day.   One of the girls’ best friends, Molly Melito was coming to visit us with one of Julie’s best friends, Kate Melito.  (Molly and Kate happen to be related, which is rather convenient).

Julie and the girls headed to London’s Heathrow Airport to pick them up on Saturday morning.  “Unfortunately,” there wouldn’t be space in our five-seater rental car for me to join them.  In preparation, the girls made a big welcome sign.

IMG_9518 (2).JPG(Cassie was super excited and happy, despite the evidence to the contrary.)  Ugh.  But then Kate and Molly got delayed going through customs and immigration.  Where were they???


Finally!  There’s Molly!


And there’s Kate!


But where’s their luggage?  Nobody knew.  Riiiight, British Airways.  In this day and age of computer tracking and threats of terrorism, you have no idea what happened to the bags.  Anyhoo, luggageless the ladies returned to Woodstock.  It was getting late and everyone was tired, so we took a short walk through our stomping grounds at Blenheim Palace.  The Melitos brought some great weather with them, so all of the girls put on shorts.


Los Melitos were impressed by the grounds and palace, but mostly the chicklets were just happy to be together.


We ended the night with dinner at our favorite pub, the Woodstock Arms, where the love-fest continued!


Everyone went to bed happy, excited for our week together.


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