Day 55 (3.9.17): Auf Wiedersehen & Bonjour

On Thursday, March 9, 2016, we packed up and left Munich.  It was sad to leave our flat in Germany.  We loved it and loved our time there.


With 8 suitcases, 5 shoulder bags, 3 backpacks, and 2 yoga mats (ugh, seriously?), we headed to the Munich Hauptbahnhof, to take the train to Paris, where we planned to spend a couple of days before heading to England.


We left a little sad, very excited about our next adventure, and more than a little stressed about the logistics of moving all of our stuff.  We had only 8 minutes to make our connecting train in Stuttgart.  With so much luggage, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to switch trains.  “Fortunately,” our train encountered some delays, so that we missed our train in Stuttgart.  We had to continue on to Mannheim, where we waited for the next train for a few hours.

Eventually we made it to Paris, arriving into the Gare de l’Est station.  We walked a quarter mile or so, dragging our full kit and caboodle, to Gare du Nord, where we would be catching our train to London just a few days later.  At Gare du Nord, we found some luggage lockers with (1) no English instructions (2) that were staffed by some Parisians that did not speak any English.  Our plan was to leave the lion’s share of our luggage at the train station so that we didn’t have to lug it all over Paris.  It was getting late, so Julie and Cassie had to dash off to meet someone to get keys to our Airbnb flat, leaving Lydie and me to try to work out the luggage situation.  We ended up getting the majority of our stuff stashed away, though were not certain that the lockers would actually remain shut for more than 24 hours.  By the time it was over, we were getting too tired to care.

Eventually, we rendezvoused at our rented flat.  It as an exhausting day, but we had made it and hadn’t lost any luggage.  With any luck, our luggage would still be there on Sunday.  Julie and I celebrated by getting a beer at a nearby bar.

Victory for Team Hubbard!


2 thoughts on “Day 55 (3.9.17): Auf Wiedersehen & Bonjour

  1. Our comment is all about Julie’s consummate packing skills! This constant movement–adventure to adventure must qualify her for a major international award!


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