Day 49 (3.3.17): Czech it out, we’re in Prague

On Friday drove to the Czech Republic (which evidently is now called “Czechia” by its friends).

drive to prague

Because we didn’t arrive until the evening, the first thing we did after getting settled in to our Airbnb flat was to find some dinner.  We decided to take the subway down to the “old town” to walk around a bit as well.  On our way we stopped at an ATM, since Czechia doesn’t use Euros.  The local currency is something called a “koruna.”

We wandered through the old town until we found a nice looking restaurant.  The girls were excited to see that a type of chicken wings is considered a local delicacy.  Cassie was also a little surprised about the size of the wings.

At dinner we also tried to learn a few Czech words.  We were particularly excited to learn that “hello” in Czech is “ahoj,” which is pronounced “ahoy.”  Argh!  It’s going to be a good day in Prague, matey!

After dinner we got a trdelník, which is a traditional Czech pastry with sugar and cinnamon on the outside.  It’s made by wrapping dough around a metal rod and roasting the whole thing.  We got one filled with ice cream of course.

IMG_7839 (2)

We walked down to the Karluv Most, or “Charles Bridge” if you’re not a pirate.  It’s a beautiful bridge built in the 1400s.  And then the sugar kicked in.

We headed back to our hotel, excited about the start to our trip!


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