Day 23 (2.5.17): You win some, you Louvre some

When we stopped the last blog, we were rushing off the to the Louvre.  We just made it, and in through an underground entrance to the museum through the subway I might add.  We rushed inside worrying we didn’t have enough time because we saw most people leaving.  We found out we only had about 45 minutes.  We first decided to go look for the Mona Lisa.


Along the way we took a picture with the famous Winged Victory (Mr. Lebowitz recognized it when we sent him a text of this picture).   We couldn’t help noticing how big the museum was. There could be fifteen baseball fields per level!


We started heading to the Mona Lisa but my very, very intelligent parents got us lost. (Unfortunately, Lydie and I were leading the way, but we did see some lovely art pieces.)


There was a huge crowd in front of the Mona Lisa, but we crammed our little bodies through some openings.  We made it to the front and got a very good picture with the Mona Lisa. My dad and I were wondering though why the Mona Lisa was so special. If you know, please write a comment about it below!


The Mona Lisa was so beautiful but surprisingly small.


Next we went to the statue of Venus de Milo, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. It was also a tourist attraction and was quite beautiful. We got another great shot with a famous statue.


Lydie found the statue of her favorite goddess, Artemis the goddess of the hunt. We saw that the rock was carved to look like cloth, and it looked so life-like and was very impressive. ( Meanwhile, my mom was teaching me all about two naked boy statues in the background. I wasn’t excited or fascinated.  Thanks, mom.)


We turned a corner and saw that there was a large rounded building underneath the Louvre. We found out that the Louvre was built on top of an old castle. Lydie and I shoved ourselves into the first crevice we could find that went far back, but not enough for us to climb into the tower.


We left the art and headed for the exit but stopped and took a few pictures of the giant pyramid over top of us. Then we headed home after a long days excitement and did what every French person does, collapse on a couch and watch Merlin (our favorite show).




4 thoughts on “Day 23 (2.5.17): You win some, you Louvre some

  1. I’m behind in my blog reading, but so glad I read that today! It was fantastic and the pictures are great. Looks like to much fun – and as a mom, I can say that I would be Both fascinated and excited. Love you guys!


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