Day 21 (2.3.17): Das Hubbards invade Paris

Today we headed to Paris!  We left on a train early in the morning from Munich, changed trains in Stuttgart, and the continued on to Paris.  On the train we did school work so that we could relax when we arrived.

We had to run to make our connecting train in Stuttgart.  That train was a high-speed train, and at one point, we were going 190 miles per hour!  Even at that speed, it took a while to get to Paris, about six hours all together, and we were excited when we finally arrived.

We learned on the train that we might have some trouble getting into the Louvre this weekend.

From the train station, we took the subway to get to the apartment we rented for the weekend.  The subway was very crowded, and there were quite a few people begging for money.  We saw one family with a sign that said “Syrian refugees.” The kids said that it made them feel sad to see that family and that, although we have been talking about Syria for some time now, it was different to actually see refugees.

Tomorrow, we explore Paris.

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