Ruins and Rebuilds

20525-kilchurnThere are a lot of castles in Germany, and I can not wait to see them all. Some of these castles are really old and worn down, so you can just make out the shape of a castle. These are called ruins. I love ruins because they are so fun to climb on. When my family went to Scotland, we climbed and explored a bunch of castle ruins. There are also castles that still have guards protecting it. No one is living in there, but it is not too old and worn down to call ruins. I have been to one of these castles before and they are pretty cool. You can see cannons, fancy rooms, expensive furniture, and the guards. I like seeing guards because their uniforms look so realistic, and they’re acting is really good. Please write a comment about a castle you have been to and your favorite part about it!

-Cassie H

One thought on “Ruins and Rebuilds

  1. My favorite castle was Neuschwanstein, did you just visit? We went in December and it was snowing huge puffy snowflakes and the castle looked so beautiful. It could have been a fairytale!


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